Monday, February 9, 2009

Family Time

We've been spending a lot of time at Douthat State Park here recently. Partly because its cheap thrills, and partly because the weather has been a little kinder lately and partly because we just needed to reconnect with the outdoors.
There is a kids' fishing hole just below the spillway of the lake where the 12-and-under set can try their hand at landing the big one. For us, its the following one-sided conversation:
Hannah, are you going to fish? Han, Daddy-o can't fish by himself, the rules say you have to fish here. Han, what are you doing? ["Taking a nap on this rock!"] Hannah, do you still want to fish? OK, we'll leave if you are finished, no big deal, we'll go on a hike. [No!! I want to fish!] Han, hold the pole. Han? Abba, don't throw rocks in the water. Hannah, watch the line to see if there's a fish tugging at it? Hannah, Daddyo can't hold the pole the whole time, he'll get in trouble with the ranger......
Eventually, she got her reward and we enjoyed Rainbow Trout for supper. That is, Abigail, Mama and the kitty enjoyed it. Hannah wasn't interested, although she asked me how "Jimmy and Timmy" tasted. Ack.

Here's the view of the lake from the trail around it - its frozen, of course, and the water level has been lowered. We bought an annual pass again this year, so we'll be spending more time there.

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