Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have no idea why Hannah started shouting this out whenever we see a train, but now Abba bellows out her version: "TRAY BOW!" Living near Clifton Forge, a town with a long railroad heritage, these shouts are common in our ears.
Hannah has a thing for trains. Even before we moved here she couldn't get enough of "I Love Big Trains" - versions one, two and three. Her best (imaginary) friend is named Jeff, the youthful narrator of the series. She's going to work for the railroad when she gets older - "working with the trains all day."
Clifton Forge is mecca for C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Railroad fans. The C&O Historical Society's headquarters are in town. In the newly-restored Heritage Center, they have an educational program and visitor's center that includes a huge model train layout encompassing (at least) local routes. Hannah can tell you all about it if you come visit.
Well, last night after the town council meeting, Andy came home with a poster announcing a train show and sale on February 21 &22. We hung it on Hannah's bedroom door. She was SO excited when she saw it this morning! Anyways, we're planning on going. Its on the calendar.

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