Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do U Hulu?

"Hulu....Hulu you think you're foooolin??" (a la Paul Simon - Loves me Like A Rock)

I can't watch Hulu without humming this at least once. Do you Hulu? Its a free, online video service where you can watch TV, movies, clips and just about anything. It has limited commercials, and an ever-growing collection.

Now, you know we don't have sattelite TV or cable - and I guess we don't have analog, either, because we never got a converter box. I haven't tried to see, though. Generally the girls watch videos I pick up for them at the thrift store, yard sales or check out from the library. We were all getting a bit tired of Barney, though, so we were glad to stumble across Hulu.

Hannah is currently a great fan of "Emergency!" and, like my sister, Johnny Gage is her favorite paramedic. When we need to tone down the excitement, we watch "Father Knows Best." The girls and I pile onto the guest bed and Daddy-o sits in the computer chair. Its still watching TV, I guess, but we are forced to make better choices and we watch one show all the way through - together. Or at least Daddy and the girls watch one together while I fix supper. they like NOVA, stores about Alaska,

There are not enough hours in the day, and I have so much fun discovering new things on the Internet that I never have the patience to watch a whole show on my own. But I am tempted because one of my favorites, Monk, is now on Hulu. And then there are the 80's movies that I loved way back then: The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire and Fast Times..... In a hundred years I will never allow my girls to watch these movies and I know my mom would have freaked out if she knew I watched them when I was a kid! Like anything else, you have to sort through the garbage to get to the good stuff, but Hulu does have a lot that is worth seeing. But Barney Miller reruns, Hill Street Blues, WKRP, and Welcome Back Kotter are always good for a blast from the past.

Anyways, I thought I'd share that site with you if you were interested in some (good?) entertainment on the cheap!

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