Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why does this stuff always happen to me?

The girls were out this morning for a "nature walk" in the back yard complete with backpacks, graham crackers, pink lemonade and a Peterson's Field Guide. I followed behind at a distance, just watching them because they were so cute and funny - Hannah toted Abba in the wagon and every ten or so yards she'd stop, lug Abba out and describe some sort of "nature," share the grahams and load Abba back up.

Then Han asked me to join them on the "Hannah Hill." As I did, I heard a flapping overhead and saw yon pigeon land on a low branch. I spoke to it, and then promptly forgot about it as I stalked out to the creek to look for a rock I need for a craft project. Stone in hand I saw the bird fly to the dogwood tree near the shed, all the while peering down at me. I offered her a graham, but she wasn't interested. I joined the girls on the Hannah Hill and we sat down on the blanket. The bird followed; hovered a moment, then landed on the neighbor's shed roof, the closest thing to us. I again went over and offered her a graham (I know its a girl because she had a tiny pink bows in her hair) and she just looked me over, um...pigeon-like.

Sooooo, the girls were getting cold and it was time to head inside. Miss Bird followed to the John Deere that's parked in the carport. I set up a buffet for her:

I think she appreciated it, especially after I broke up the peanuts into tiny bits and found out she wanted bread instead of grahams. She's been hanging around for about an hour now and just peering in the window. I stayed outside talking with her and she rewarded me by jumping on my shoulder and walking around the back of my neck and sitting on my head. She doesn't want me touching her - but she sure likes me!

What am I going to do?!

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