Monday, February 16, 2009

B-L-8-ed ConGRADulations, DH

Alas, I am behind in my blog postings, so if you are a subscriber and you get a mailbox full later today, my apologies. If you are a checker-inner then read all of the posts that I plan to post later today! Whew!

A bleated ConGRADulations to my ever-lovin’ husband on the completion of his B.S. Degree from Bluefield College and the subsequent receipt of the diploma therefrom. Yee-haw!!

And what is most congratu-worthy is that he made the President’s List every semester – I think except for one, when he made on a Deans’ List showing. A big ole' Showoff, if you ask me!

The girls and I brought a cake to his work when his diploma came in the mail. We tried so surprise him, and with the cooperation of his colleagues, I think we were successful. So, do you think the cake looks like him? Maybe around the eyes??

As ever, the girls enjoyed helping with the icing. I let them taste the black goo and was rewarded with a need for them to have quick dip in the tub.

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