Thursday, January 27, 2011

conversation drifting down the hallway....

Hannah dropped her crutch and Abigail ran to pick it up for her:
"Thank you, what would I do without you, little sister?"
3 year old:  "One day I'm not going to be here; I"m going to be dead.  But I'll be in heaven."
6 year old:  "Don't worry, I'll be dead long before you and I'll be waiting for you there."

Hannah lost one of her top teeth this morning.  One of our learning objectives this year is having the first grader use different technologies for writing, so we "sent an email" to her tooth fairy, Butterfly.  Whoever has the email address of is going to wonder who in the world Hannah is.  But Hannah planned out what she wanted to say and then typed it out with me spelling the words to her while I folded laundry.  After that she sent an email to her granny letting her know the same.

Did you know that Hannah broke her foot in two places?  We go back to the doctor on the 31st for a follow up x-ray.  I'll let you know and post the results!