Wednesday, February 25, 2009

quasi crafti

Here’s my mom's birthday card I made last week..... I ended up liking it, but it just didn’t flow like they do when I’m in the groove. I stamped a piece of pink cardstock with pink, purple and white brilliance inks – using cork ends I’d salvaged from the old exterminating biz.

Next I glued on some random pink disc beads a friend gave me – then I trimmed the paper with decorative scissors, layered it - - and stamped the sentiment in watermark ink and dusted it with pigment powder. After layering that with foam squares I attached it all to a card and tied a ribbon on the edge (default embellishment when I can’t think of anything creative and the card is looking gaudy).

To accompany this card is the actual gift - - a late Valentine’s Day present, yes, because I borreyd it for mah back door…

Back: On the other hand, for the last month or so I felt like I had been churning out the creative projects – even the girls got in on the act. Here’s their donation to a blank wall in the kitchen:

(our wall isn't pink, that's just the way it turned out in the pix.)

I finished a few other projects that I’ll share with ya later.

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