Monday, February 16, 2009


If you know Hannah – and EVERYONE knows Hannah – she has invited you to her party.

The first “party” was at 6:30AM Christmas Morning. I’m glad you were unable to make it. I like you and all, but I wasn’t up for company.

The second one was a genuine Valentin3.e’s Day party (thanks for the input, Abigail) with the friends. It started out promising, but quickly went downhill after Han came tearing out of the bedroom sans pants. The other mamas raised their eyebrows….I mumbled an excuse along the lines of we are a clothing optional household, but realized this would only serve as grist for the small town rumor mill – Hannah’s appearance with a tutu around her head lightened up the mood - and then it was time for macker, chicken laigs, fruit and cupcakes.

A quick and only quasi-messy craft of Valentine’s Day cards and Hannah’s Party was an Event that has, sadly, passed. I think she got it out of her system. I can only hope that the friends find it in their hearts to brave the Morris Manse again sooner rather than later. Perhaps in the summertime…an afternoon tea, perhaps.

Somehow, though, I don’t picture my girls as proper Victorian hostesses.

Look, this is just how it is.

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