Monday, February 16, 2009

well baby

Abigail had a well-baby checkup today. I love well-baby checkups. It’s like a free doctor visit because there’s no co-pay and yet I can review my litany of health concerns. I'm so cheap, I know.

This time, of course, it is the Sugar Baby’s weight loss (does this child even BELONG to me??) after her bout with gastroenteritis. That and a funny-looking toenail. We trekked over to Fairlea, West (BG) Virginia in the snow:

Dr. Dukart, still a bit green around the gills from his own bout with the bug, said not to worry but to return in a month after I load her up with Instant Breakfast and whole milk. The toe thing, well, she'll have to tell her pedicurist to put a little extra dab of polish in the divot to even it out. Either that or just wear socks 365 days in a row and no one's the wiser. Except my blog readers. But don't embarass her by pointing it out or anything, OK?

We popped in over at the hospital to visit my neighbor, Heidi, who was, alas, on a mission with a stack of brochures to another part of the hospital - that according to one of the ladies working in her department. Oh, well, we’ll visit next time I guess. Anyways, it gave Abba a chance to say, "Heidi? Heidi? HEIDI!!" without getting told, "NO, NO, NO, its MAMA!"

And THEN, on the way home, I hearkened back to a top secret email received from my pal LeeAnna, last week alerting me to a BEAD store in Ronceverte. Of course, with my frugal nature, wanting to make the most of my gas mileage, after said doctor appointment, I made a quick U-ie in the WVDMV parking lot and headed into Friendly Fabrics. (See, Andy? I didn't make a special trip over there after all!! I comBINED trips.)

Weehhheeeelllll, let’s just say I was pleeeeeezed to say the least. Because not only did I find a veritable TREASURE trove of beads – and I am talking REAL beads – semiprecious stones, REAL pearls, Swarovskis – no plastic doo-dads here –but even more near and dear to my heart lately, I found FABRIC. Ahhh, yes, fabric.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; I have 15 totes full of fabric downstairs – but it is not THIS fabric you see. There were actually about five bolts that I could use – ok, I coveted them – to make skirts for myself and matching dresses for the girls. I promised the proprietress that I would balance my checkbook and be back next week.

Wooo-hooo!! Thank you LeeAnna!

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