Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Our goats are so lazy.....(how lazy ARE they?).....well, they're so lazy they prefer to use the lawn mower instead of trimming the grass with their teeth!

I'd given up all together, when three different asked on three separate days whether I would ever post here again.    

I tried.  I tried to come up with something witty and clever that included "reasons for not writing."  Got nowhere that wasn't cliche.

I toyed with the idea of not writing at all, but I miss it and enjoy it.

Finally, after re-telling a Strange but True Story of Events that Really Happened to Our Family to a fourth person, I knew I was at the end of my list of excuses.

So, welcome back to our garden and some true stories that are rife with ridiculotory and incredulousness, along with a smattering of (frighteningly Conservative) opinion, cute kid pictures (human and animal), foodtalk, and stories to make you smile, laugh, shake your head and (most likely) cringe!