Saturday, August 9, 2008

West Virginia State Fair!

A view from the top....her first Ferris Wheel ride!

The Wheel was one of the few rides we rode...poor girls have the misfortune (? uh, I think NOT) of having their Daddy-o being a certified amusement device he really has an eye out for safety! And probably knows too much....he keeps up on the accident reports of the various rides as well as the death and injury count.

See that baby in the backpack? She has double ear infections. But other than her runny nose, she had a great day in the pack with her Daddyo.

I think there were 8 chickens. Guess its a precaution against avian flu. There were a few turkeys, some newly hatched chicks and ducklings, but nothing like in the past. Maybe it is a good thing, though, as I would have been MIGHTILY tempted to bring home a couple of nice Brahmas. Or three. Or nine.

Oh, the beauty!

Oh, the Sleeping Beauty!

Was it crowded? Uh, yeah. LOADS of campers, but we got there early (10:30) and left at 2:30, so we missed the bulk of the traffic. Also, we took the handy-dandy back route out of Lewisburg to avoid miles of cars. We haven't been around that many people for years, and it was kind of freaking us out! We love the 39 people per mile (density) of Alleghany County!

Cotton Candy cheeps. Can you see that she was getting tired at this point? We'd been there almost 4 hours and saw just about everything!

NOTE TO SELF: Next year, do NOT ride the Dizzy Dragons, or for that matter, anything with the word "dizzy" "crazy" "super" "twisty" or "loopy" etc. in the title or description. Vertigo is nothing to be toyed with....36 hours post-fair!!!

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