Thursday, August 21, 2008


We are hot off the road from an extended visit to Tidewater...we were gone almost a week! Time just flies when you're having fun - truly! Lessee, after an 8-hour trip down (TRAFFIC), we destressed in the spa on my parents' deck (read: blue baby pool), vistited friends (OK, only Naurine & Emmy, and a quick pop-in to Lynn) and family (did the ole' SURPRISE drop-in on Andy's dad...I think it worked!).
Enjoyed a "berry" lovely dessert with Gaga, Aunt Robin, big brother Josh....
Met a very nice African tortise named - - - RootBeer - - - - at a marina where my Dad's company is bidding a job....
Sugar Baby became rather proficient at walking.....
and horseback riding - and keeping Han away from the horse.....

You know, I can't say that I am "sooooo glad" to be home! I mean, I AM glad, but we really had a good, relaxing time down there. I got to do my favorite: nap in the afternoons, shop at some really good thrift stores....most importantly, though, it was low stress. To those friends who we missed visiting - SORRY!! But we just can't do it all and still get the girls over tired. We have a short window to do anything and we just can't do it all every time!
A highlight was my visit to Thrift Store City and a new thrift store over near Bayside High School, where I used to work....good thing it wasn't open 4 years ago when I was working there, or else I'd be in there 4 days a week!! I got Hannah some cute clothes (they had Hanna Andersson like new dresses for $4!) (who is Hanna Andersson? I seem to remember they have a catalog with $30/baby outfits as their cheapest item...those days are long gone - I have a $75/week grocery budget now) (!!!)
Well, enough about us, thought you might like to see the pictures.
Jean: we're praying for you that you don't get waterlogged with all the rain from Fay down there in (sunny?) Florida.
Sabrena: I don't have time to blog. I carve it out of my laundry time. That is why I go to thrift stores so I don't have to wash clothes. For months.
Andy: wasn't Abba sooo cute the way she was so glad to see you yesterday?
Ma: Why don't you read my blog????!!!!
Alleghany County: Its good to be home!!!!


  1. Thanks for your comment about dating. It's great to hear godly wisdom from other mothers. You're family is adorable. You're girls are so very cute. And I LOVE the chickens.

  2. I want to go to Thrift Store City!!


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