Thursday, August 28, 2008


Steady rain for over 48 hours, with few breaks. Last night was amazing sleeping weather. Cool, maybe high 50s and a soft - very soft - steady rain that went on for hours. Even most of the frogs took advantage of it and dozed instead of providing a running commentary to the night. Sometime around the early wee hours I heard a screech owl...must have been in the pine trees beside the house. I didn't even wake up all the way just waited for it to stop so I could get back to that deep restful sleep that has been eluding me for weeks.

The Sugar Baby has a lump on her forehead. Yesterday Hannah wanted to play "Mary [Miriam] and the Baby Moses" in the basement. I was trying to make a thank you card and only half paying attention. "You be the 'fay-row' Mama." OK, so I was the 'fay-row'. I walked around once booming, "WHERE are the Hebrew babies?" Hannah said, "I'm a girl baby!" (She LISTENED to the story...remember they only killed the BOY babies! That's our girl!!) But then... "Abba is the baby Moses." (So much for taking care of her sister!)

I had turned back to my card making, letting Han continue being the princess, but I wheeled around at the sound of "reeds" breaking, just in time to see Abba crying in a pile on the basement floor. The handle was broken on my straw woven laundry basket. "I'm sorry Mama, I didn't mean to drop him." Sugar Baby was none the worse, just a little surprised. Guess she was expecting river water instead of concrete?

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