Friday, August 8, 2008

CVS trip

I am still pretty new at this, so I am SURE that this wasn't my best, but it was still pretty good for me. I bought all of this in 3 transactions, and spent a total of $6.04.

Transaction #1: Extreme Energy $4.99 + tax = OOP: $5.27 , Earned 4.99 ECBs

Transaction #2: 4 Pert Plus (BOGO) @ 3.99 each; 2 Excederin @ 2/$5, Dawn soap $.88.
Used: 4.99 ECB from previous transaction

$2 Pert coupon
$2 Pert coupon
$2 Excederin coupon
$.50 Dawn Coupon
$ 2/10 CVS coupon ($2 off a $10 purchase)

Total OOP: $.77

Earned: coupon for free asprins

Transaction#3: CVS adult low dose asprins - FREE!

OOP= Out of Pocket BOGO=Buy One Get One Free ECB=Extra Care Bucks

Sooooooooooooo, even though I did not QUITE make it $5, I wonder if this is helpful and/or encouraging to you. See, I had to get that second transaction over $10, but not too far over. When I gave the cashier the coupons, I had done TOO well, and she couldn't (or wouldn't) take my last coupon for $2 because my total was $.77 or something. So I just told her to ring up another Excederin and I'd use that. They were on sale anyways, so it cost me $3 for two. I needed them, so no biggie. I know that veteran CVS'ers would frown on this, but the OOP overage came out of coins from the bottom of my wallet!!

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Oh, one more thing. I didn't qualify for KKF challenge because I didn't "grow" my ECBs for use later. But I will, OH YES, I will next trip!!

AND, I could have made the entire purchase under $5, and alas, the REASON for my agitation and distraction is pictured in the photo above. I get rattled at the checkout and lose confidence when I am being badgered! On the way home I lectured her for 4 miles that "Mama will NEVER EVER EVER buy you anything at the register or the checkout line, so you NEVER EVER need to ask." "Do you understand?" "Yes." A moment later: "Mama, when I get big, I am going to buy LOTS of candy with my OWN money!"

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  1. I'm impressed! And I thought I was a good shopper. :(


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