Monday, January 12, 2009


Here's a funny video that my pal Andrea forwarded to me - and it is

especially relevant to ME, since I can't find my "travelling" Bible for the life of me. It is in a book cover with handles, and the fabric has khaki-colored flowers on a blue background. Please let me know if you've seen it! I am afraid I've left it at the Lake or something, but it could be anywhere. I've searched all the cars - and I wonder if I've just left it somewhere. Either that or I've put it someplace "safe" so I wouldn't loose know how that goes.

An anecdote: I remember when, years ago, our Sunday School class was getting together to put up lights at RRR or something - anyways, we carpooled, and someone not in that class had left her Bible in the back seat of one of the cars. Well, the owner of the car (a person in leadership, no less), chuckled when they saw the other person's Bible in the back seat. They said, "Oh, I see that 'Carrie' (not her real name) left her Bible in my car after I gave her a ride home last week. I can see that SHE has not been in the Word for awhile!" Then he kind of laughed it off, I guess realizing how this comment had sounded.

But you know, I remember the name of the person whose Bible was in the back seat. I will ALWAYS remember her name - because she was being judged and criticized for not "being in the Word" or reading her Bible. Now, the person who said that had no way of knowing whether Carrie had a stack of Bibles around her house from which to choose to read daily or what. He should have known better, too, but certainly as a Christian this person should not have been so judgmental - and certainly should not have pointed it out to others. It is THIS kind of behavior that turns off others to Christianity - the fear of being judged or looked down on because they are not good enough - or do not follow "the rules" well enough or whatever. Bottom line is, though, that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

That event - over a decade ago - taught me to one, keep good track of my Bible and not leave it at church or in others' cars (!), but mostly to try to not pass judgment on others. Of course, I still do, and I catch myself up short more often than not. I don't want to, though...and mostly because I don't know the whole story, and above all because I don't know anyone's heart - I only see the outward appearance. I know there are hundreds of ways I could be judged for my actions and my appearances (and you'd be right!). Unfortunately, being a fallen sinner, I end up often giving in to the temptation to set myself up above others through judgement. That is the fallen, sinful nature of the flesh.

My earnest prayer is that the Holy Spirit will help me to resist the temptation to judge anyone - for I am no better than anyone else, it is just that I have been saved from the curse of Hell and have been promised eternity in Heaven with Jesus Christ and other Believers who have asked Him into their hearts. It is so easy to speculate about others - we have a wonderful brain that can think and come up with all kind of creative ideas and thoughts - but as Christians we are commanded to keep our thoughts under control and submit them to the Lord, not be tempted to think poorly of others.

So, all of this to say, would you please call me if you find my Bible? I have some reading to do.


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