Monday, January 12, 2009

"HOW TO" & a grammar lesson

I love comments to my posts!!
You can comment directly to the blog, though, and not have to go back to my email by doing the following:
1. Under "Post Comment", type your comment.
2. From the drop-down menu that says, "comment as", choose "Name/URL" or "Anonymous"
3. If you selected "name" type your name and leave the URL space blank
4. Type in the code letters that pop up in the provided box
5. Press "submit comment"
6. You're done! Your comment will post below the blog entry.

Its just that there are so many funny and relevant comments coming to my email that I wish everyone could see!

And, as an aside....

"Giving up the ghost" is correct.
"Giving up the goat" is incorrect.
Unless you are referring to a transaction in animal husbandry.

"Don't let it get your goat" is correct.
"Don't let it get your groats" is incorrect.
Unless you are referring to a member of the Bovidae family about to consume your hot breakfast.

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