Friday, January 9, 2009

Why the Internet Works for Me

As someone confided in Andy in a discreet yet direct manner yesterday, I have been slacking off my blogging, as I haven't had a new post since December 18 - of lastyear! Whew! And here's two in one morning! That's what a sleepless night will getcha.

I've not abandoned the Net by any means. I've been following a couple sites for crafting ideas, mainly since most of my Christmas gifts were home-made, and I am gathering ideas for next year.

And by the way, I will NOT wait until December to get to work on Christmas. This year was NO FUN! I am going to have my lists ready by February 1 and I will be FINISHED by November. Thanksgiving at the latest. I just won't do what I did this year. On December 26 I was wrapping presents to take to Tidewater - and leaving that afternoon. Now, that is just crazy. I was so focused on getting them done that I lost two presents en route and forgot to give three others. No, no, no. But I digress.

The site on which I've been lurking is One Pretty Thing, and if you want to see what you are getting for your birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc., then pop over there and take a look. I am so hooked on this site! Its not just the site, you see. Follow a craft project link to the creator's site and then look at their other crafts and posts. Then take a look at the blogs and sites they follow, and soon three hours have passed and your husband is snoring (if he snores, of course mine is adamant he doesn't) (yeah, right) in the background as the clock ticks off into the wee hours.

But that is what I like about the Internet. You pick up a thread and follow it to where it links, choose another thread, follow that one awhile, go to the next and so on. PERRRRFECT for those of us with short attention spans. And those of us who like bright shiny pictures.

I'd like to do more sewing this year, and finish at least two quilts: a denim one and a scrappy patchwork quilt. I'm motivated by this - and the fact that I realized WalMart has a great serger by Brother for...wait a minute. It was on Rollback before Christmas for $204 and now its at $232. Oh, well, I guess that means I'll have to save up a little longer. But that is my goal, anyways. Feel free to donate to My Cause - just write "serger" in the memo line of your check :)

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