Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I think all of the effects -both positive and negative- of the surgical anesthesia finally wore off sometime this evening, and after a good night's sleep tonight I might be ready to begin some serious healing tomorrow. At least that's the plan.

There is the slim chance that a couple of you have no idea that I am painstakingly typing with only limited benefit of a left hand which is presently shaped like a sausage patty....with plump links for fingers. A blog is a good a place as any, too, to confess, a la AA style that,
I am 40 years old, and I fell out of a tree. Because I did not choose to get down the long ladder that I had actually looked at, but decided was too much trouble.
And I broke my arm. In 3 places.
My left arm, which is a blessing as I am indeed, right-handed.
.....and yes, yes, I knew full well that I was with child when I began the entire project. With as in one more than the two who were on the ground, egging me on.
There, I said it.
So, that's it, folks. Throw the first rope swing if you have never done something that you knew wasn't quite on the level but you decided it would all work out in the end. as my ever lovin' husband points out > my strength does not lie in thinking things all the way through....
The girls seem to be doing better daily. They have settled into a routine here at Meemaw & Deedee's house that includes K/preschool in the mornings, naps, snacks, TV hours (Dora, I'm sure), baths, books and bed. Surprisingly, Abbo is giving everyone the hardest time, mainly at bedtime, bu the word "NO" has become her friend. This does not bode well for one-handed-mothering, which I'll be attempting on Wednesday since there is a field trip and she can't go. Maybe a little indoctrination is in order. Hannahberry is enjoying a week off from chores, too much TV and chasing boys (!) during recess in preschool. I think she's also seeing that she has it pretty good with homeschooling....at least I hope she is.
Once my hand stops going numb and no longer needs to be propped on a notebook to achieve a good typing angle, I'll have to write about a few of the many lessons I've learned from this entire ordeal. Not really a lesson, but a gimme: God is good all the time, All the time God is good. From the get-go I've trusted that God will have me come out stronger and able to bless others with what I've learned and also to witness for myself the changes that He has in store for my family on so many levels as a result of this accident. For one thing, being forced to count on my husband (of all people!)(sarcasm!) for basic things like bathing needs is certainly not my style, but in just one week of doing so, I've felt a whole fresh love for him just begin to take root and grow! Truly. I had allowed some minor stuff to annoy me and the smallest bitterness was setting out roots - just the typical stuff that comes after 10 years of marriage - and I'm sure he could say the same thing about me....it is one thing to remember vows you said a decade before, but another to live out the "in sickness and in health." And while I wholeheartedly believe that my prayers are heard, to dutifully pray "for a stronger marriage" often ends up being just words. In our place now, its happening! The great thing is, its a deeper caring that has the benefit of maturity (?!) and life experience. So, this is one way that God is turning my lack of forethought into a basket of blessings that are so welcome and well-received.

According to one of the three clocks I see, its close to midnight so I'll be signing off. Can't wait to post more pictures of the girls, who seem to change daily. Don't give Andy too much of a hard time - he's my hero :)

One more thing, and you heard it here first: although I am still only barely pregnant at 6 weeks, my due date will be sometime around May 19, 2010. See! Aren't you glad you subscribe to my blog? You knew the news first!!


  1. Certainly wishing you a speedy recovery!


  2. Glad to see you are on the road to recovery and everything is ok with the baby and the little ones. I am sure they are enjoying their stay at grandma's.

  3. Giiiiirrrrlll! Are you in town? Please let us come see you if you are!


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