Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my "real" job

And so.....I gave my notice at Sentara Home Health this morning. I was so sorry to do it, because they really do seem like a good group to work with. It just wasn't going to work with my schedule and Andy's schedule. I certainly hope I didn't burn any bridges.

The girls were disappointed, too. Hannah said she wanted to go to work with her Daddy. Well, we can't all have our way all the time.

Our homeschool schedule for today is thrown to the wind. After I got home from turning in my resignation letter, I got Andy off to work and I lugged the girls into town to get a couple things. I got a calendar for school at the Dollar Tree, a pregnancy test (hey, you never know! and its just a dollar!!), and some band-aids, which we use in bulk around here; they're a good reward. ("If you will eat those carrots, I will put a green band-aid on your leg....no carrots, no bandaids....nope, I will not change my mind....that's a good girl....yummo....")

After a visit to the store, I let 'em run around the AET park (the one behind WalMart). Hannah climbed the rock wall by herself for the first time! I couldn't keep Sugar Baby off the high slides and she maneuvered up the little rock wall in no time flat. Then the girls watched the guy from Arritt Funeral Home taking down a couple canopy tents from the Memorial Day activities that were at the park this weekend. They had lots of questions, and Hannah had lots to tell him. He now knows all of our birthdays, where we live, our ages.....I hope he's honest and not into identity theft on the side or anything.

Well, I have a load of laundry in the wash, one in the dryer, both towels. In keeping with my philosophy of doing two loads of wash a day, we might have to go bare, but at least we'll be dry!

Off now to begin our first homeschool lesson after Creation. We'll be studying the sun. Hopefully it will clear up outside so we can do our science activities!!

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  1. Heidi - I LOVE your sense of humor - and your writing style.
    Michele :)


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