Wednesday, May 20, 2009

words, continued

I must have been tired when I wrote that last post. Somehow I got on that think while lamenting the fact that I love to play word games like "Boggle" and Scrabble, but no one in my family - maybe a couple in my extended family - likes to play them.
I have high hopes for Hannah, though. She asks me for the "word of the day" and says it has to be a word she's never used before. Yesterday it was particular. The day before it was discretionary. Now, I usually have to come up with these as we're driving down Route 60 into town, so my creativity is dulled by the outstanding spring view outside. (Is there an artist other than God who could create that many shades of green on the mountainsides?)
Speaking of God - the Bible refers to words many, many times, and this is some of what I was mulling as I mowed the lawn. Of course, there is the Word of God, but I was thinking more about exhortations and warnings or descriptors of words: In Psalms, David complained that his enemies "twisted his words," that words are like "arrows," that "words of hatred surround" him, "how sweet words are," and words "are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords."
David's son, Solomon, warned that we could be "trapped by the words of our mouths," (THAT was written for me), that "reckless words pierce like a sword," and - my favorite - "words of a gossip are like choice morsels." Here are just a few references that pierce my heart and remind me to guard my tongue, as it reflects what is in my heart.
At the other end of the spectrum - - do you remember "Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy" from Saturday Night Live about - lessee, its been at least 10 years since I could watch it w/o falling asleep..... Well, I never "got it." I never thought it was funny or too clever. Maybe I was thick-headed (no comments please) or it was just over my head. Heavens, I hope not!
Well, that's the end of my "word" posts. Thank you for reading this amalgamation of words! (HEY! What do you think - is that too big of a mouthful for a four year old??!)

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