Thursday, May 7, 2009


If this blog were a plant it would be dead from infrequent feeding and watering and occasional boosts of Miracle Grow when I remembered it.
I've been spending stolen moments on Facebook - uploading pictures this time and taking time to caption them. Here's a link of the pictures, if you're interested. From the 1980's so prepare yourself!

And if you know us you know us, you know that we want to move. So its been a flurry of cleaning (yuk), patching up, touch up painting, downsizing and organizing. Our home has never looked so good!
There are a couple of homes out there that we are interested in - VERY interested in - and I have to pray every day that I won't be disappointed if they sell before we get a contract on our house.
So far, our house has been on the market about 4 days. I'm hoping that this weekend - when it is in the newspaper - will be the one where we get some serious hits.
That said, today and tomorrow, especially, are going to be full out assaults on dust bunnies, spotted floors, looming laundry, disorganized chaos and the ilk. Especially the ilk. Wish us well.

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