Saturday, May 30, 2009

West Virginia Weekend

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and we spent parts of the 3 days across the border in WV. Lessee, on Friday, we decided to go to the Kroger in Fairlea - just for something different - and we stopped in Lewisburg on the way home to let the girls play in the water fountain downtown.

I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long. Abba wasn't too interested after a fountain spray surprised her, but we couldn't get Hannah out of the water. I don't think her feet touched the ground for more than a minute or two the whole time we were there! Now, to be sure, she was fueled by sugar free gummy bears.

And speaking of sugar free gummy bears, my advice to you is, "don't." Because when we got home that night we surprised them with a camp-out in the back yard. Andy set up the tent and we piled in with our sleeping bags, books and lanterns. As soon as the sun set, Hannah felt some rumblings (frogs?) that had her sleeping in her own bed. Abba followed around midnight. Beware the sorbitol....!

Anyways, on Saturday we were back in West (BG) Virginia to visit Lost Caverns. Which we found (gotcha) to be a perfect adventure for our little family. Of course the girls were mostly interested in the gift shop and the wishing well filled with shiny dimes and pennies, but they didn't complain too much about the long walk (slick in places), the chilly temperatures or mama pointing out endless formations. I got a kick out of this sign....if you're not sure just what it is, be sure to catch the clue painted on the bottom left hand side [insert snide comment about West Virginians here]. I won't bore you with cavern pictures - which, to a point, all look the same in this region - but it seemed like there were an awful lot of rock slides and stalagmites that used to be stalactites. Just an observation, that's all.....because we'll definitely explore this place again.

Finally, on Sunday - or was it Monday? We chucked on over to White Sulphur Springs to enjoy the Dandelion Festival Parade. I think I didn't used to be a parade girl, and maybe one day I'll go back to not so much liking watching folks go by, but ya know, I really enjoy it! First of all, its legitimate people-watching, there's candy being thrown to you (or AT you as was the case by a rowdy bunch of Dandelion princesses), and there are loud, loud noises from Hogs, Internationals and a variety of rescue vehicles. We had a blast:

(those Hogs were a little too loud for the Sugar Baby, who found safety in a perch on Daddy-o's leg...)

Maybe its because of my Littles, but I think it is such great entertainment! Love it!

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