Friday, December 12, 2008

Santy Claus

We joined some pals the other night for a visit with Santy Claus at the Western Sizzlin the other night. Hannah was eager to tell the jolly fellow (whom we had also spied in the BK last Sunday after church) just what she wanted for Christmas. Quite a change from last year when she would have nothing to do with the man....

The picture I didn't get was of her dark eyes after she left his lap with a gift (a "princess" puzzle).
"I'm so MAD at that Santa Claus."
"Why? Han, you got a nice new puzzle!"
"I TOLD him I wanted TRAIN CARS and he just gave me this puzzle. I am MAD because I wanted TRAIN action, not a puzzle."
"Well, Hannahkins, we have to be grateful for the gifts we DO receive, and anyways Santy has to make his list and you might get train cars under the Christmas tree. What about that?"
"I'm STILL mad. I wanted train cars TONIGHT."
"Han, you are going to end up with switches in your stocking."
"Oh, no I won't!"

And then we have the Sugar Baby. Who wouldn't let Santa get too close. So she reeeeee-ached over and took the teddy bear with her fingertips. Satisfied with her 'score,' she smiled back to mama....

But she's all about giving hugs, so I got a picture anyways. I'm not about to make 'em scream if they don't want to sit on the lap of a costumed old man....but if I can coax them and coerce them, then its good for the photo album.

Let me know if you see Thomas the Train on sale. Or if you have a willow tree in your backyard.

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