Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas preparations

Spoiler alert! Grandparents' Christmas Presents pictured below!!

I try to be a good mom. I try and try and try. I know that kids like to help. Since I know they like to do things that are messy and I don't mind the mess - I (usually) clean up after them OK. I'm having them make "chip clips" as presents for the grandparents. Who can't use a chip clip, I say! Its truly a clothespin painted with glitter or arrayed with faux diamonds, and they are truly handy. My goal of this activity is to teach them about GIVING vs. RECEIVING during Christmas. Too much of the gimmes. (Tangent: We got a huge, 1" thick Fingerhut catalog a month ago that Hannah won't give up....she sleeps with it and the toy pages are well-worn. I didn't even think we were on the Fingerhut mailing list!)

Back to my story. The trouble comes in for me - who, of course, as you have guessed from a lack of Christmas cards in your mailbox, is nowhere NEAR ready for the holiday - when the little darlings EAT the glitter and EAT the glue

and paint their baby sister with glue when I have gone to put away laundry (gone for all of 3 minutes)(I can hear you saying, "NOOOOOO! Not THAT sweet girl!") , it is just too much for me.
No pictures of the latter; camera ran out of batteries. Probably a good thing. Mama was NOT happy.

That big one is getting close to getting switches and coal in her stocking. But then, my learning curve is pretty steep. Due to past history, I should know better not to turn my back on her with paint, as Daddy-o did here during our May 2007 bathroom remodel: Whoops, well, add glue to that list.

Gotta run. Have to give the littlest girl a bath to rid her of her glue 'do.

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