Friday, December 5, 2008

CVS score

I am only an elementary-level shopper at best when it comes to scoring great deals at CVS, as there are several blog sites I follow where they are expert and advanced in their cvsskills. But yesterday, I think I did not bad:
Transaction #1: Instant Energy 6 hour 2-pack drink: 5.24 (with tax)
RECEIVED: $4.99 in Extra Bucks
Transaction #2: 2 bags M&Ms, 2 26oz. jars Ragu, 2 10oz. bottles Dawn Dish soap, 3 tins Altoids, 4 packs of Dentyne.... used .20 Dawn coupon, 3 "peelies" for $1 off on Altoids, 4.99 in Extra Bucks from transaction #1, and a $5 off a $15 purchase coupon that printed on my transaction #1 receipt - - for a total of $.94

In summary, I paid $6.18 for all of this! (Its minus a bag of MMs because we girls shared them 3-way to celebrate on the way home....) Normally I don't buy gum or altoids, but they make good stocKing stuffers and as an "attachment" to wrap with gift cards and restaurant gift certificates! Woo-Hoo!

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