Monday, December 8, 2008

Clifton Forge Christmas Parade

If you like fire trucks, cute kids, local celebrities and cloggers, then you've logged on to the right blog!

A shot of where we were standing to see the parade...Andy's office is in that building to the left of Town Hall.

"Is there going to be candy at this parade, Mama?"

The first group of cloggers - Hannah's favorite

Talking shop....HEY Andy! Lookit the parade!!!

THOU SHALT NOT COVET the tractors in the parade....

ERV's were there from Covington, Alleghany County (Dunlap!), Sharon, Glen Wilton, Lexington City, Selma, Iron Gate...who am I leaving out??

It was SOOOOOO cold! About this time my camera started to freeze and it hesitated between shots, so some of the last pictures started to look a little psychedelic - I was getting about every third shot at this point....

Of course, out here, Santa trades his reindeer for a tractor!

Regardless of numb noses and toeses, we had a great time. I have over 100 pictures, so if you're a 'local' and want copies, let me know and I'll burn a CD for you. For some reason, Blogger isn't letting me size the pictures the way I wanted so some may not show up as clearly as I'd like...
We were looking forward to going to the Covington parade last night, but it took us until about 6:45PM Saturday to thaw out from Clifton's shindig! Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to show us a great time!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! Lived in Clifton Forge from birth to 12 years old, and fondly remember the decorations on the streets and the Christmas parades. I remember my parents driving us up to the Heights and other neighborhoods above the city to see the city lights below at night.

    It's been nearly forty years ago that we moved, but the Christmas memories are as strong as ever. Thanks again!


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