Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Snapshot

Andy: Congratulations to my amazing husband! Monday night he finished that last class of the last course in his BACHELOR’S DEGREE program! Bluefield College of Virginia will officially graduate him December 3, but stick a fork in ‘im, He’s Done!!

Ask Andy if he enjoys his new job over there in Clifton Forge and his response is: “I love it there. The people there treat me like gold.” He even took a picture for his scrapbook…see for yourself some of the folks he works with. Keeping Up Appearances there is the Town Manager, Tracey Shifflett. Take a gander at the gal on the right and see the result of years of dedication to the Town will getcha! Don't feel sorry for the rest of the folks in the photo, though. It might be hard to tell from just one picture, but they really do love their jobs and aren't always so solemn.

Woke up a couple weeks ago and the first words out of her mouth were, “Good Morning, James!” spoken to her baby sister. From then on, our sweet, wispy-haired Abigail Fay is James. On a rare foray into Roanoke to go to Target during Andy’s last class meeting, Hannah introduced herself to a surprised grandma-type as “Hannah Bananna.” And this is my brother, “James.” (No matter that Abba was wearing pink!). The nice lady misunderstood and said, “Oh, Jane. What a nice name!” To which Hannah Banana replied firmly but politely, “NO! Its James. James Margolees.” The nice lady grimaced at me and pushed her cart away.

The kid preys on my adult-onset Attention Deficit Disorder. I get her dipe on and she wiggles away, stands in the hall and goads me into chasing her. When I holler for her to come back and get dressed she lowers her head at me, placing her tiny hands on the diaper’s Velcro tabs….hesitates, and pulls. A quick sidestep and she’s chortling down the hall in bare-bottomed glee.

Hannah just strode by the door calling over her shoulder, “Mama, the poo-poos are coming!” When I met her in the bathroom: “Listen! Do you hear that?” “Hear what, Han?” “The pee-pees are singing a little song as they go bye-bye. They’re whistling a happy tune! Bye-bye, pee-pees! Bye-bye poo-poos! See you when you’re dirt! Bye!” <>

Me: Is it any wonder that crease betwixt my eyebrows is getting deeper? I try to massage that spot when I think about but so far all that has gotten me is a red dot looking like a washed-out bindi. I find myself wondering if a shot of Botox would be completely at odds with the whole simplicity / non-makeup / the-Lord-looks-at-the-heart concept??

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