Sunday, November 16, 2008

cold weather and recipe request

I'm so disappointed! I had pictures - great ones - of ME even! And I lost them all because my camera card froze. My fault. Daggone it!! We had all gone to the park on Veteran's Day and Daddy-o and I had traded photo ops. Argh!!

Today's high here was 37. Its been overcast and flurries all day, although the wind from last night has died down. Outside is so beautiful and still. It smells like snow - winter, at least, and I have that "its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" feeling. That in itself is probably just the anxiety that I am far, far behind on Christmas presents. We'll get started on them tomorrow, though. The weather has really put me in the mood. We're supposed to get an inch of snow tomorrow night. Can't wait! My camera should be working fine then; I'll keep it in the house instead of the car.
Abba has a snotty nose cold so we didn't go to church this morning. Han had a reaction to her flu shot on Thursday and has been on a low dose of Benadryl since last night, so she was a little crosseyed, too, and we figured we'd spare FBC of our blessed presence. The girls stayed inside all day, cooking, cleaning, napping and watching TV. Andy did loads of laundry and then went to the fire station to get the inventory on ambulances completed before the state inspection next week. I was so grateful that he helped me get caught up enough so I can focus on Christmas gifts.

I need help with a recipe! I'm looking for a take-along breakfast food like a granola bar or cereal bar that is (1) low in sugar (2) not too messy (think eat in the car) and (3) kid friendly. I made a great cereal bar, but it had 1/2c brown sugar and 1/2c corn syrup. I think I balanced it out nicely with flax seeds, wheat germ and Fiber One, but still a little more sugar than I wanted. I need something for when the girls are poking around in the mornings and we have an early appointment or church, or just something to keep them munching when we're running all over the county on errands. Any ideas?

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