Saturday, May 31, 2008


Rooster? Ahhh, yes. I think so.

Here's some hens.....

They are a little shy and turned their backs when they saw the paparazzi.

Two white girls: believe it or not, I can't tell the white girls apart!


a white girl and a Rhode Island Red with the stumpy black tail (vs. the RIR with the long black tail). Here's short tail black RIR and white tail RIR... (are they are coming or going??)

Now, this is not a great picture, but I wanted you to see the black chicken and the one I secretly call "Goldie." Hard to tell here, but their feathers have the most beautiful patterns. Their faces look a little "full" because they are Aracaunas and have "cheek tufts." The golden one has brown eyes.

I think you've now seen pictures of all 12 of the the "hens." OK, 11 hens. Gotta run!

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