Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ARE YOU [a fan of] LOST?

It’s the only show I’m hooked on. Have been for 4 years now. Its sci-fi mixed with drama – and too much violence, lately….I hope they have a point. Just finished watching last week’s episode. I watch it online at ABC.com (the no TV thing); it’s the only thing I watch. I enjoy sci-fi. I grew up sneaking Star Trek (it came on after my bedtime), and I was rather captivated by Star Trek Next Generation in the 90’s.
But now, my prime time passion is Lost. I’m finally up to date on the series. Tonight, my favorite scene: Hurley and Ben sharing a candy bar. My favorite line: “Because hopefully the man who lives us in the cabin can tell us what to do about the people who are trying to kill us.” I dunno. Must have been the writers’ strike that generated a gem like that one.
My pal Naurine and I used to have “Lost Parties” where she’d come across the street and we’d watch it in our jams with a bowl of popcorn. We’d analyze the show during the commercials and make our predictions. Now, via email, it’s not the same!! For one thing, I am usually weeks behind because I’m too busy with the girls or Andy is using the computer for schoolwork.
Television analysis must be a girl thing because Andy and I just don’t get in that groove. My niece in California watches the show, and we chatted it up during her visit this summer, but we haven’t connected again since the new season started up….so I’m left to making comments under my breath and lurking on the message boards.
I remember back when I was in college we stopped in at Fat Tuesday’s (doesn’t every college town have a bar with that moniker?) for a margarita and I was stunned walking in to a full house – but it was so quiet you could hear the ice crack from the other end of the bar. They were watching Melrose Place. I never watched it, so I Didn’t Get It. These days, though, I think it would be pretty cool to watch LOST with a group – minus the margaritas, though.
Anyone else watch this show? Any ideas on where the plot is going? Favorite characters? Any theories on Charlie? Are your suspicions that I am a Total Loser confirmed? Should I stick to poultry and babies?


  1. Heidi-
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I did not actually think anyone would read it besides my mom. You are so sweet!

    I am a HUGE LOST fan, but I have been so busy blogging every night, I am several episodes behind. I seriously need to get caught up.

  2. Hi Heidi! I finally got that noodle recipe up for ya! Man, did they ever turn out yummy last night!! TTYL!


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