Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog? What blog?

It is so hard to blog consistently when you are me!

My days and weeks seem to go in spurts; busy, busier, busy. As a result, blogging is last (well, almost last, dusting is dead last and laundry is close....). I blog while I'm working around the yard and watching the dishes but finding the time when both girls are occupied (sleeping, preferably!) is a challenge. My usual day is: wake, feed 'em, school Hannah, put Abi down for a nap. Feed Han lunch, fiddle around, put Han down for a nap or quiet time, put Abi down for a nap, pick up, do laundry for about an hour and get them both up, fix supper. Whew. Its always a whirlwind. Weekends, are great, though. For some reason we're a little more slack with Daddy-o home. I do less housework. Hmm.

Yesterday I planted carrots, lettuce and cucumbers in the big garden. Today I moved all the contraband phlox to their new home in the "cottage garden" just outside the kitchen window. I also planted a little lettuce today in the herb garden. I put the potatoes in the big garden - hopefully they'll grow! (No tires, Dad, but they are in their little holes with two eyes on each one, ready to go!) So now, we're done with all the planting except for a spot I tilled up last week beside the chicken coop. I hope to plant gourds there - hope it works - and use the coop fence as a support. Hopefully I can get that done this evening. It got too hot working out there today. Anyways, once some of the stuff starts blooming I'll post a picture.

Hannah put her shoes on herself this afternoon all by herself - yes they are velcro, but its the first time she got them on the right feet, too. We're moving forward! Sugar Baby is really cruising around. She climbs on anything and likes to put things in buckets/bowls/cups/holes in the ground and pour them out.

Andy is building (like he needs another project!) a new front porch for us. If you've been here, you know we keep the front door locked and use the side door through the kitchen. That's fine with me, but the front steps look so awful that something had to be done. They were also a significant hazard as they rock from side to side when you stand on them. He's building a deck about 7' out from the house and - I dunno - 10 feet long. It will only need one step; I think its about 18" high. I could be wrong. Anyhow, it will be big enough to put our loveseat glider on, AND (he doesn't know this yet) house some of my houseplants that are screaming for spring and summer daylight.

OK, I have to go. I heard a baby squeak from the bedroom, and if I go now, it won't escalate to a howl!!!

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