Monday, April 14, 2008


Here's some pictures of the coop that Andy finished this weekend. As you can see, the door for them to go in and out of their compound hasn't been cut in....but its only been about 40 degrees out so we decided to wait.
That's our neighbor's house and grey barn....

Inside view....

Here's the girls. Getting big! There's 12 of them...and they all met me at the gate because they think I might have a handful of yummy worms for a mid-afternoon treat! I give them a handful of oatmeal instead and they clammer up there for a taste, pressing warm chicken chests onto my wrist and thumb.


  1. mmmm...DO chickens have "chests"?? I'd say "chicken breasts," but that sounds so...MEATY. So chicken chests it is. These are egg-layin' girls, hopefully not destined for the pot!


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