Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...perhaps I should explain

…..what I meant by “The Good Humor Man.” Last year, when we first moved to the charming burg of Callaghan, we watched a DVD of an old movie – in the “post WWII-war movie” genre – entitled “Operation Petticoat.” We had made the decision not to get satellite here in our rural abode, and even with rabbit ears on the TV, our reception is cloudy at best. We probably watched a total of 3 hours of network television before we gave it up. And that was because I hadn’t discovered that LOST is available on-line. Anyways, we watched “Operation Petticoat” (or “The Pink Submarine” as Hannah calls it) about five times in as many days. (Our video/DVD collection has since expanded.)
Operation Petticoat is a 1959 movie starring Carry Grant and Tony Curtis, directed by Blake Edwards. It’s probably not “G” rated, but at most PG – there’s no language, but some innuendo. Early in the movie there’s a scene where Tony Curtis’ character reports for duty to the Tigerfish dressed in his dress whites. It’s two weeks after Pearl Harbor and he stands out like a sore thumb among all the men in their dirty, worn and torn uniforms (and no uniforms at all). The chief on board spots him on the dock through the periscope and exclaims, “It looks like the Good Humor Man!”
Of all the lines in this very funny movie, Hannah picked up on that one and INSISTS we call her the Good Humor Man, or “Humor” for short. I’ll call her from the other room, for instance, and she’ll holler back, “No, I’m The Good Humor Man!” When she’s in the mood, she won’t come until I call her by the appropriate title. We were out at the Wall-Mart a couple weeks ago (pre-restriction days) and someone said, “What a pretty little girl you have. What is your name, sweetie?” I about fell over when she said, “Good Humor Man.” The lady looked at me, cocked her head and kind of smirked as she stalked off. Oh boy. And I am trying SO HARD to make a good impression in my new hometown.

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