Thursday, April 3, 2008


Things I Found When I Moved the Couch to Vacuum Under it:
one colored pencil - brown
two baby toys
a smorgasbord of stale cheerios, goldfish and raisins
two pennies
four crayon pieces in a rainbow of colors
numerous dust bunnies the size of my fist

But I did not find the three library books that seem to have vanished from our home. I remember tearing back into the house to get them before a trip to town last week. Then I got distracted [crucial detail], got in the car without them, and then never saw them again. I thought I had left them on the counter by the back door, or maybe I put them on the porch railing in the carport. But they weren't in either place when I returned from my errand. Just this once I wish my husband was "trying to teach me a lesson" and secretly turned them in to prove a point. Am I this irresponsible? I was on a streak! Gone were the days of the double-digit library fines. Sure, I had an outstanding fee of $3 [dang that Maisy video], but that was chump change compared to my past offenses. Where, oh where, could my libary books be???

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  1. I loved your couch inventory. Those days are past at our home. Enjoy because it passes before you know it. We have 4 and slowly they are all leaving home(2 more here).


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