Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Do List

  • put new batteries in alarm clock
  • check email/Facebook/blogs/Pinterest
  • find notebook to keep near computer
  • rearrange living room furniture
  • feed/water chickens
  • clean out chicken pen in basement
  • design compost bin
  • rearrange living room furniture with homeschool stuff all grouped together
  • finish sewing Hannah's bedspread and curtains
  • hang Abbo's curtains on her closet
  • repair Hannah's curtains where she cut them "because she just wanted something to cut"
  • sew tiebacks for Hannah's curtains
  • sew tiebacks for Abbo's curtains so she can "see all her dresses"
  • paint front hall wall (Andy)
  • buy paint (me)
  • repaint hall wall more of a leafy and less of a minty green (Andy)
  • build chicken coop (Andy)
  • move all of LR furniture that is on the left of the room to the right of the room and vice versa
  • teach school
  • make list of curriculum changes for next year
  • look up homeschool convention dates
  • feed/water chickens
  • look at chicken coop for landscaping plans
  • break the news to Andy that I don't like where the chicken coop is
  • organize kitchen cabinets/freezer/downstairs pantry
  • make grocery list
  • plan garden
  • lunch w/Carrie @ 12:15; park with kids afterwards
  • re-read Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel
  • find or buy "I'm So Sorry"/"Whoops"/"kids do the darnedest things", etc. rubber stamps or stickers
  • make card for Carrie
  • feed/water chickens
  • read Bible while kids have quiet/naptime
  • make curtains for MBR
  • look for the plug-in alarm clock
  • feed/water chickens

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