Monday, March 19, 2012

The Coop, Part 1

There comes a time in families when its just better for everyone if one or the other(s) moves out.  As we faced this milestone this weekend, and because we are not completely heartless, we made arrangements for the girls to have a secure and comfortable home.  Andy built it with the best discount lumber that Lowe's offered, including a rock-bottom-priced door and window ~ negotiated thus by our eldest.

Ah, yes, a new home for the girls, built on site from scratch about two weeks ago:
Well BUILT, Andy!

Inside - look at those studs!  And that floor!  S-O-L-I-D.  Nothing but the best for Our Girls!

Notice the location:  In the side yard of the north side of the house.  Notice that it is on a hill....this detail will be significant soon.  But, again, WELL BUILT!
And, just for perspective, here's the view toward the front yard and the front corner of the can see the slope  a little better here.

Now, you've noticed that this post is entitled, Part 1 of 2, and now I am going to explain why there is a Part 2 and why I took these particular pictures, but most importantly, I am going to share

The Worst Thing I Have Ever Done To My Husband (maybe)

After he got this building erected right where I agreed it "would work," I looked it over, cocked my head, put my chin in my palm and said,

"uh-uh.  nope."

I think he handled it well:

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