Sunday, March 11, 2012

More (late) snow pictures from our (late) last snow!

Here's some more snow pictures from our big snow last month ~ I realized I'd readied them but never posted!  Enjoy!

Our new home in the Blue Ridge Highlands!

Snow buddies!

Yes they are on the deck, yes they are underdressed for the weather, and yes, I approved!

Look at those red, cold legs!

"Watch me, mama!"

Sledding with friends....
We finally have a sleddable hill!!  
After living in the mountains for over 5 years, its the first time we've been able to sled downhill in our yard!

Andy, Abigail, Hannah and Kenzi....on the back yard hill...kinda hard to see in that heavy snow coming down!

And, a steep walk back up!

And now, THAT ends our "snow day" pictures!

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  1. looks like fun but mom would not to live in snow country.


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