Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where did the last week go? V-B-S. Those kids wore me out (to quote Hannah). I'll have to post pictures of our crafts. For the most part they turned out alright, although I was sure the mamas were going to be muttering bad words about me under their breath when the "Pharaoh's Fly Flicker" went home. That was a fly swatter with a frog or a fly tied to it for the kids to whack on. I gave the instructions that they weren't to hit anyone...brothers, sister,s moms, dad, crew leaders....but they probably found a loophole (hmmmm, I see now that I didn't remember to say no hitting grandparents. Oh well, grannies are on their own!).

Saturday, Andy and I took the girls back to the blueberry patch over in Renick and got 3 more big Wal-Mart bags full of berries. I don't know how many we got, but I've put up 3 batches of jam and there's lots more frozen for later.

Sunday, we went to Colin's birthday party at the city pool. We were there for about an hour and a half before we got rained out. It was still a good time...Andy even got in the water! Poor ole' Abigail was shivering in the water but she didn't want to get out. Finally, when I pulled her out to get ready to leave, we looked down and her feet were - oh what a bad Mama I am - a deep shade of lavender up to her ankles. Oh, my. So we bundled her up tighter and cranked the heat up on the way home. None the worse for wear, although we did sleep with the windows shut that night.

Then, yesterday, I needed a day of rest from the weekend! We girls went to Food Lion and CVS and made a great score with the last of our grocery budget....oh, heck, here is what we got:
2 pencil cases
2 index card cases
2 pks binder clips
2 jugs A&H laundry detergent
fem hygiene product
2 composition books
2 pkgs sticky notes
bag chips
bag popcorn (unpopped for the air popper)
2 jars Ragu
2 boxes cereal
pkg pork chops
pkg beef ribs
2 pks pens
jug grape juice
snack bags
2lb peaches
3 hostess-style apple pies

ALL FOR $25.02 at 3 stores!!

We celebrated by going to Humpback Bridge for a swim after nap time. Hannah floated down the creek in the deep part, then raced up the shallow area for another float - over and over again. Abigail preferred to pretend she was a crayfish in the shallow area. I tried to keep my eye on two fun little girls who love to play in the water.....

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