Saturday, July 18, 2009

family update

Well, Hannah's better. After a scare with a fever of 103.5, she woke up perky the next morning saying only her stomach and her throat hurt. She was a little warm, but no real fever. Today, she's off with her Daddy-o to cut firewood, then to lunch and probably by Covington Farm & Fuel for chainsaw blades. MEANwhile, back home, Abba is burning up and poor ole' girl, her fingers and feet are freezing cold. She keeps telling me she's not sick, but she looks peaked and is back down for a nap after sleeping late this morning. I had a dream I couldn't get anyone to cover for me in the craft section of VBS next week. Hopefully by Monday she'll be on her way to better health.

Speaking of VBS, I'm blogging instead of finishing preparation. I have to spray paint lids for our sand art jars. I've had everyone and their brother and sister collecting jars for me and I think I have enough....I have 130 of various sizes, and I understand there's more waiting for us at church. We plan for 150 kids at VBS, and I think last year our busiest day was 140, so I'm about on track. I'll have to post pictures of the projects we do. I think the kids will get a kick out of each of them.

Some friends of ours from Chesapeake are coming to visit tomorrow. Scott & Kit will meet us at church....they are camping about an hour and a half south of Roanoke and will park their camper in our yard overnight and head out for West Virginia on Monday morning. I forgot to tell them I've got to leave early Monday morning to get set up for VBS, but I'm sure they'll understand. The good thing about having company right now is that since our house is on the market, we've been keeping it as spotless as possible. In fact, the laundry is even staying caught up. And thanks to my AMAZING Andy, the basement is organized and thanks to me and my "dis"organization skills. But it is nice to not have to panic that we'll be having visitors :)

OK, down to that clean basement to fill it with spray paint fumes. If I post anything a little bizarre later, you'll understand its because I am high off of paint. All for the sake of VBS, you know X)

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