Monday, April 13, 2009

new friends

This is the nicest llama I have ever met. Ever.
Her name is Mary. She lives in Millboro.
No, she didn't spit. Only bad-tempered llamas spit. Like only bad cats bite and scratch.

There were several local events scheduled for the day before Easter, but it was just too doggone cold for us to drag the girls out to see them. We had sundry errands to run, and we finally managed to make it to Clifton Forge just as the Easter parade, petting zoo and visits with the EB were wrapping up. Trust me, though, with our Littles, we had plenty of time to enjoy Our Favorite Things: the animals.

Now, Hannah was there, too, but we had stopped off at the C&O Depot first, so she had gotten her thrill - that and she was hanging out with Daddy-o near the hot dog stand.

And the funny thing is this - I wish I had gotten a good picture (dang camera) - but poor Abba's mouth was a perfect upside down "U" when we left. She was crying for the llama! She said over and over, "Llama? Llama? Llama all gone? Llama bye bye?" It was pitiful! I've never seen her do anything like that ever!

I TOLD you Mary was the nicest llama I have ever met!

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