Sunday, April 19, 2009

Didja know we have no microwave oven? My friend Lora asked me, "How do you LIIIIIIIIVE?!" And another friend said her kids would starve if they didn't have one. It actually came about quite by accident. When we moved here about two years ago, we bought one, but I didn't like the way it would have looked over the stove. So I had Andy take it back until I could figure out where to put one. I never got around to figuring it out.

We don't have a dishwasher, either, which I guess lots of folks don't, but we'll definitely have one at our next house. I dread washing dishes almost as much as I dread washing clothes. Its because it is a multi-step process. If it was just washing them or just drying them or just putting them away, no problem. But when you have several steps to complete a process, and there are steps that necessarily must be completed in order - and in this case, after the dishes have time to sit and air dry (because I can't bear to dry them with a towel if they can dry on their own), then it is just an overwhelming task for me. Same thing with laundry. We do have a washer. That is the fun part. Put the clothes in, put the juice in, push the button, and walk away. The dryer is pretty fun, too, although we should have a clothesline, but that's another matter. Its the folding and the putting them away that gets too much for me.

Lessee, what else don't we have? Oh. I just got a hairdryer last month. I had one, you see, but I gave it to my mom when she was visiting Christmas before last and I never got another one. But when Hannah's hair froze one Sunday morning walking from the house to the car, I decided that in order to be a Good Mama I should at least dry the kid's hair so she didn't get pneumonia. Now, Sugar Baby still doesn't have enough hair to worry about. I can dry hers in seconds by plopping her down near a sunny window. But poor Hannah was too often heading to Sunday School looking like a wet cat that I gave in.

You know we don't have television, but it doesn't mean we don't watch shows - thanks to Hulu, Andy keeps up with Hell's Kitchen and the girls can watch all manner of ad-free reruns. I don't have the attention span to watch anything regularly. And I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a whole year behind on Lost. I really need to catch up soon.

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