Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter - He Is Risen, Indeed!

I've burned through another camera card on my Olympus, so I'm using an old Cannon we've got; the pictures aren't as clear and the zoom doesn't focus in on details well. That, and somehow the girls look out of proportion in their Easter dresses, but I'll leave photo critiques up to the eye of the beholder:

(Hey! I made Hannah's dress! It was a t-shirt with a stain on the bottom half; I cut it off, attached a skirt made out of fabric from my stash....figured it needed more fluff, so I added a lace border. You can't see in these pictures, but I threaded a thin satin ribbon through the lace to pull together the color from the bodice. Want more directions? Email me.)

All of our celebrations of late have been pretty low-key. I let the girls out to search out their Easter baskets this morning, then quickly put them on "refined sugar restriction." Hannah was desparately desparate to get at her stash. Didn't help much that Sunday School also gave out a basket o'goodies...(That smart Easter Bunny even stashed new toothbrushes in their baskets! How clever!)

Spring Beauty....there are dozens of plants lining the creek in the backyard. They are related to Purslane, and are edible...I'm going to look up how to prepare them and have a sample tomorrow. I'm in a cooking mood :)
All in all, we enjoyed a perfect spring day in the back yard - throwing rocks out of the lawnmower's path into the creek, enjoying ice cold creek water on our bare feet, hunting dyed eggs...and somehow I got a nap, got 1/2 of my wildflower bed weeded (there's a task - is it a weed or is it a flower??) and somehow in all of that managed to get the girls so tired out that they went to bed without (much) argument.

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