Monday, October 20, 2008

medical alerts

I consider myself to be pretty bright, but I just don't put all the pieces together. There is probably undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder lurking amongst my neurons, too. Either that, or I just "don't think." (Hmmmm, haven't I heard that before - recently??)
I considered all of this today on the way home from Abba's physical with a VIRGINIA pediatrician. All jokes aside, she has to have outpatient root canal surgery this Thursday in Roanoke. The hospital wouldn't accept a physical performed by her West -By Golly- Virginia pediatrician, so I had to go to one here in town. I will allow you to speculate on the reasons for that, but I figure it has to do with insurance regulations or HIPPA, as it all does.
So we went to one of the two local pediatricians - (it's WHO you know that counts. A fellow Dunlap VFD/Rescue Squad member is a nurse there and got us in on short notice) - and got the Sugar Baby pre-approved for surgery.
This doctor told me that she puts all of her patients on a fluoride supplement at 6 mos. if they have well water at home. Further, she figured that breastfeeding (i.e., no juice, no bottle) would not significantly predispose said toddler to cavities, unless there was a fluoride deficiency.
Now, to relate this back to gullibility - and there is a connection here - I just took the first (WV) doctor at her word that the spot on Abba's tooth was nothing to worry about (3 months ago) and that fluoride supplements for our well-water family should begin at 3 years old (as for Han). Also, I didn't piece together that it was rather unusual for the Sugar Baby to have such a bad cavity when she is the best "eater" of any of us. (Her appetite is definitely NOT genetic!)

On a similar note, please withhold your "I TOLD YOU SO"s on this: Hannah's hyperactivity / behavior is directly linked to her sugar intake. Yas, yas, yas, I know. It was painfully obvious after she finished her buttercream-icing-laden birthday cake and half a bag of cotton candy (from her DADDY-O!!). The next day was miserable. But the following day, which was Sunday and should have been a "bad day" was fine - even though we were late waking for church and her schedule was altered. Anyways, we are now in search of sugar-free, high-protein, complex-carb foods - especially for breakfast and snacks. The rest of the day is easy, but those two areas are difficult as far as convenience.

OK, this post was all over the place but that is because I am tired and a little edgy. If I don't post again, remember Abigail in prayer on Thursday. She is having outpatient surgery (root canal / "pulpectomy") in Roanoke Memorial Hospital at 10AM for a deep cavity on her front tooth. She should be discharged in the early afternoon.

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