Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been on a roll this week! I am not prone to organization, and certainly the housekeeping gene so prominent with my ma and my grandmother skipped my generation - well, maybe my sister got it? - anyways, I sure didn't. I'm on a mission to SIMPLIFY and pare down and clean out. Or up. Whatever.

Maybe its the weather. It is 52 degrees at 11AM, very windy and overcast. No precip in the forecast, but definitely deep fall weather. Just beautiful. Can I say again that I LOVE the Highlands? This whole area is just beautiful. Yeah, yeah, its got its sore spots, but on this side of heaven, its bound to happen even in the beautiful mountains. We're past peak leaf season now, attested by the blowing leaves and bare patches on the hillsides. But driving down Route 60 or the Draft with the leaves swirling before and behind - well, its like a movie trailer or somethng.

But the wind and the chill means we girls can't spend so much time outside - not to mention baby naptime or big girl quiet time, so I'm working inside. No, really - I am!! I thought perchance I was nesting, but as it turns out, alas I am not. Just in the mood, I guess. I cleaned out the upstairs freezer this morning....what in the world am I saving all that stale bread for? Abigail is a taker for frozen banannas, and I think we'll have ham for supper tonight. The pork rinds from last years' Fall Festival are now enjoying the black plastic of the kitchen trashcan. Thanks to my magnificent husband, in the girls' room there is plenty of room in their new bookcase to store books, puzzles and toys. Even Hannah and Sugar Baby can get the room done in a reasonable amount of time (they don't but they could.) In my room, I stacked sweaters on the shelf in my closet and moved the bags that were up there to a hook in the back of the closet. I jotted down the address of a consignment shop where to drop off 2 coats, a bedspread and a sweater tomorrow. (Plan: use the $ to buy a gift certificate to give as a Christmas present). A timely email from my pal Andrea redirected me to the FlyLady's website, where I was encouraged to begin planning for Christmas. Funny, just last night I was considering a gift list and budget during yet another bout of insomnia...

Of course, it could be nerves, too - day after tomorrow is our appointment in Roanoke. I guess I have to be ready for that by tomorrow night as we'll have to leave at o'dark-thirty to get there by 7am. I've been praying from my heart as well as scripture for comfort. I know that the Lord loves children and ....

Yikes - I um....gotta go. Earlier this morning I tied up a sheet for a tent in the girls' room, where they are now playing loudly... I heard a bang and Hannah bellowed out "MAMA, you HAVE to come. Abba needs to be breasted - you have to breast her under the tent!!" Argh.

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