Monday, October 27, 2008


Just wanted to share a couple finds I made today!

I found a Christmas present in an unexpected place today and it was free! The library offers a box of magazines "free - take some" and I found a very old one dated the same month and year of a loved one's birth. AND, it is an uncommon magazine in his or her field of interest. That is all I can will have to wait until Christmas....

OH, and another Christmas present I got today for FREE....Do you know about CVS' wonderful, generous customer rewards program? Well, just by scanning my CVS card, I got a coupon for a FREE $25 CVS gift card with a new or transferred prescription. Wehhhelllll, between the four of us we probably have eight prescriptions that I could choose from, so I did, and I got it. I can either give the gift card "as is" or I can use it to buy a restaurant gift card, AMEX gift card, etc. I was going to use it for myself, but this another way I can help us take a dent out of our Christmas spending.

Finally, I made an edible discovery in the yard (I'm ALL about food, you know!). We have these shrubs in a little patch beside the old shed. I had no idea what they were, just that they produced little fuzzy flowers. But they ARE something....Hazel Nuts! Filberts! And they are Ripe! Not enough to make fruitcake or anything, but I sure won't be cutting them down (or letting DH cut them down!) like I had planned! Love it.

It smells like winter outside: its cold and there are heavy dark clouds. Its 42 degrees and supposed to drop to 35 tonight, with snow showers and/or sleet tomorrow. Can't wait!

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