Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here's some pictures of our garden....

That ginormous thing in the foreground is a a sunflower!
Here's a back view....gourds are growing up on what used to be the chicken yard fence, and those are a couple dozen sunflowers beside the back wall under the window.
We've got - I think I remember right - 23 tomato plants, lettuce, cucumbers, zuccini, bush beans, radishes (Hannah's), birdhouse gourds, green gourds and potatoes.

We picked these this morning. I have two big buckets of these cucumbers now marinating in lime, awaiting pickling tomorrow! Think I'll pickle the peppers, too, come to think about it, and probably some of the beans, too. I LOVE pickled green beans....I mean, I LOVE anything pickled!

Except pigs' feet. Haven't gone there - yet!!

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