Thursday, July 24, 2008

more cvs!

WHOOPs! An ECB is an "extra care buck" that you can spend just like cash at CVS. They term it like "cash back" but you can only spend it at CVS. It prints out on your receipt and expires - I guess about a month after its issued. Keeps you coming back.
But the good news is, they can be stacked with coupons for even better deals. And every week there are new/different ECB offers - like buy X worth of makeup, for example, get X amount of ECBs back.
AND, if you link your "Extra Care Card" (like a MVP card at Food Lion, or your Kroger Plus card) on their website by typing in your email address and info, they will send you GREAT store coupons - like $3 off a $15 purchase, etc.
You have GOT to check out those other blog sites for the great deals they report and they tell you how to do it, too!

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