Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After I read Bible passages to the girls, I ask Hannah to tell me back in her own words what she just heard. 

I find that I am able to get more complete information back from her than when I just ask her to answer a few questions.  I am also surprised -every time!- with how much she retains, both immediately after something she's been read and the next day. 

Sometimes, however, I get more than I bargain for, as evidenced by yesterday's narration of Luke 1:1-25.  Here are some excerpts.

Me:  Tell me who wrote this passage.
Hannah:  Luke.  Because he had seen Jesus himself and wanted to be sure everyone knew the truth.
Me:  Good.  Now, tell me the story.
Hannah:  Its about a baby named....mmm.....John.  John Bradford. [Obviously we needed more time between Pilgrims and Nativity!]
Me:  John Bradford?  No.  Just John.  Go on.
 . . . .
Hannah:  His father was from the tribe of Levis.  He worked in the temple.  He was a temple cleaner.
. . . .
Me:  And what was the problem this family was having?
Hannah:  Elizabeth, the wife couldn't have babies because she was congested.
Me:  What?
Hannah:  She was congested and she was old so she couldn't have babies, and the angel told Zacharias that she would get pregnant and he didn't believe the angel so he couldn't speak. 

Of course I corrected her with a straight face!!!

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