Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Local Travels

I wanted to get out of the house so badly this past weekend, but we just couldn't pull off a camping trip.  It was my fault, really, because I let the laundry get hopelessly behind and I had a few last minute things to get before we started school yesterday.  But we were at least able to get out for a drive over to Peaks of Otter to look at their nature center and walk on their trails a bit. 
Touch-me-nots by the stream
hmmm....the picture is of the moth, but I see a spot of bleach on his shirt, too....
Spitting apple chunks to the fish in the lake (?!)
One of the things I love about this area is that there are so many natural things to see....just being outside in a different setting calmed the girls who were being especially naughty on the trip over there.  We had a little "hike" which would have been longer had Abbo not been beset with blisters from wearing her sandals on the wrong feet the day before. 
Exploring an inviting climbing tree in front of the Peaks of Otter Lodge

The tunnel under the Blue Ridge Parkway and a lesson in erosion
Lincoln Logs in the Lodge
It was a good time together, nonetheless.  Again, though, many of our pictures didn't turn out well....

but some did!


  1. You should really look in to geocaching! Seems like you guys like to be outdoors and adventurous... and you can work it into home-schooling with science, geography, and more! We have a lot of homeschool friends that do it. The best place to check it out is www.geocaching.com or shoot me an email!

  2. We tried letterboxing but it got too complicated - having to do so much "research" before each trip. Do you have to have a handheld GPS to do caching? I understand they're very similar. I even designed and made our own stamp to stamp notebooks :)


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