Monday, August 9, 2010

All's well that ends well -

We spent 3 hours in the local emergency room last night - I guess we're overprotective parents or something, but (thankfully) we always end up "needing" emergency services for the girls when the emergency does not indeed turn out to be an emergency.
Andy noticed early in the evening that Abigail had dug out her purple ruffled socks and was twirling with them.  Now, Abigail is all about fluff and puff and had pulled up these organza-tipped polyester socks to her knees and dubbed them "ballerina socks."  So she plied and blased and schwalayed around the kitchen while Andy and I were putting the finishing touches on supper, and suddenly, mid-spin she slipped and fell on the floor, breaking the fall with her chin and her two front teeth.
She was inconsolable, even for a supper of chicken and rice.  And she wouldn't let me touch her teeth more than once or twice.  They didn't seem loose, but I couldn't really tell.
One bite of rice and she set off howling again, saying her teeth hurt.  Andy and I looked at each other with dread - and Abigail fussed that she wanted some warm milk and to lay down.  Well, she hadn't had a nap so that seemed reasonable.  I gave her some Tylenol, lay her down and she was asleep in five minutes.
An hour later she woke up, fussing and crying again.  She said her teeth hurt.  This time we got a flashlight and looked in but she was madder than before.  She said she was hungry, but when I tried to feed her she said she couldn't eat.
So, off to Low Moor it was.
Thankfully, the waiting room was just about empty and we were able to see the doctor after about an hour.
The doctor (who had an excellent bedside manner and a good sense of humor) examined her head thoroughly, pressing gently on her jawline, her cheekbones, the top of her head....

(Doctor:) "Where does it hurt?"
(Abigail, baring her teeth:) "My teef."
(Doctor examines mouth)
(Doctor, pressing forehead)  "Does this hurt?"
"No, my teef hurt."
(pressing back of neck) "Does this hurt?"
"My teef."
(pressing cheekbones) "Does this hurt? Say yes or no."
"Its my teef hurt."
(pressing chin) "Does this hurt?"
"My teef hurt."
(pressing jaw joints) "Does this hurt?  Say yes or no."
"I SAID my TEEF hurt."

After 3 X-rays, and another hour of waiting for results, she was discharged with instructions to see the dentist in the morning.  It was just a bang, her teeth aren't loose and she was eating fine this morning.  No emergency is a good emergency. 

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  1. Wow! I didn't know. : ( She looked fine today...and you didn't even mention it
    Glad she's ok! : )


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